Human rights conference “Beyond 2020: The LGBT Community in an Era of Populism” takes center stage in Belgrade

Belgrade Pride in cooperation with Civil Rights Defenders organized a human rights conference entitled “Beyond 2020: The LGBT Community in an Era of Populism”. Held on Friday 13 September in Belgrade, the conference invited human rights experts and LGBT+ activists from Serbia, Croatia, North Macedonia, Albania, as well as the US, Sweden, Germany and The [...]

Under the banner of ‘I’m not giving up’ Belgrade Pride 2019 is successfully held.

Belgrade Pride under the slogan ‘I’m not giving up’ was successfully held without any major incidents on Sunday 15th September in Belgrade, Serbia.  Organizers say around 2,000 people attended, marking the sixth consecutive year that Pride marches have successfully taken place in Belgrade without being banned by local authorities.  Amongst those in attendance was Serbia’s [...]

Activists from the region join Belgrade Pride 2019

Over a hundred LGBTI+ activists and civil society organisations from across the Western Balkans joined Belgrade Pride last Sunday (15 September).  In the spirit of solidarity, activists from Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia and Bosnia & Herzegovina made their way to Serbia’s capital to show support to Belgrade Pride. Dozens of activists from Greece, Norway, [...]

What EuroPride 2022 in Belgrade will bring to Balkans and LGBTI+ community in Europe?

EuroPride 2022 in Belgrade will be a landmark event for Europe’s entire LGBTI+ community. Away from the colourful celebrations which embody Pride marches across the continent, a struggle for basic human rights is in full-swing on its eastern frontiers. The LGBTI+ community remains one of the most discriminated groups in the Western Balkans, while legislations [...]

The Play “Queer Cafe: Hear Our Voices” Held at the Pride Info Center

Launched by American artist and activist Joan Lipkin, with her creative team of Pavle Menalo (producer), Borisav Matić (dramaturg), and Ellen Schaeffer (transcription). Created based on the true stories of many Queer Cafe sessions, this show covers topics ranging from discovering one's sexuality to dating, family, school, church, business, marriage, and hope for the future. [...]

Mr Tree: from Stonewall to Belgrade

Belgrade’s Pride Info Centre had the pleasure of hosting Fredd E. "Tree" Sequoia – an LGBT+ activist and participant of the Stonewall riots in New York.  A bartender at the Stonewall Inn, Tree was witness to the very moment that ignited the LGBT+ cause, the police raid and the subsequent riots which unfolded on 28 [...]

Pride Caravan hits cities across Serbia

As part of Pride Week 2019 and our campaign to show that LGBT+ persons live in every part of Serbia, Belgrade Pride launched a Pride Caravan to visit towns and cities across the country. The goal of these smaller marches is to show solidarity with everyone who is prevented from expressing themselves because of the [...]

Apply for Media Accreditation for Belgrade Pride 2019

The process for obtaining media accreditation for the upcoming Belgrade Pride has been launched.  The main Belgrade Pride march will start from Sunday 15 September at Slavija square, central Belgrade, at 17h. However, press are encouraged to arrive up-to an hour early in order to obtain interviews from organisers and activists. The deadline for submitting [...]

The Queer Cafe: Hear Our Voices from the Balkans

About the Queer Cafe Join us for this free short performance of The Queer Cafe: Hear Our Voices from the Balkans  on Thursday September 12 from 4-6 pm and Saturday September 14 from 8-9 pm at the Pride Info Centre (Kralja Milana 20, Beograd).  Conceived by noted U.S. theatre artist and social activist Joan Lipkin and [...]

Pride Week: Grand Opening

Pride Week 2019 was officially launched on Monday with an opening ceremony at the City of Belgrade’s National Assembly. It will last from September 9th to the 15th, ending with the Pride March and a concert in “Manjež” park on Sunday. Jovanka Todorović, representing the Organizational board of Belgrade Pride, opened this year’s Pride Week [...]

Law on same-sex marriage without support in the Parliament of Montenegro

Homosexual couples will still not be able to marry in Montenegro, since the Sexual Partnership Law on Persons of the Same Sex has not received the required majority in parliament, although it has been proposed by the Government.  Members of minority parties were against the law.  Montenegrin non-governmental organizations estimated that the failure to adopt [...]

On September 15th I am walking for my family!

We usually say that parental love is unconditional. But, to be honest, to whom do we place more conditions than our children? Who do we expect most from than our own children? But, sooner or later, we face them and see that our children have become humans and that they may have completely different intentions, [...]

Announcement on the murder of activist Yelena Grigoryeva

On July 25, from 12 to 1 pm, the undersigned organizations organize a protest "Remembering Yelena Grigorieva", in front of the Russian Embassy in Belgrade.  Russian activist Yelena Grigoryeve was killed on July 21 this year near her home in the Russian city of St. Petersburg. She was killed by being strangled to death, and [...]

Why (don’t) we measure sexual orientation?

Sexual orientations other than heterosexual have long been observed and noted. However, we have been talking about how we know, or how we determine, who are different sexually oriented people for just over half a century.  The first known "measurement" of sexual orientation was made by American researcher Alfred Kinsey in the mid-20th century. In [...]

Transition in Serbia

The transition is different for all trans people who have been through it. It may include all or just some of the following steps: outing, name change, gender reassignment in ID, hormone therapy, surgeries, etc.  As we can see, some of the steps are social, some legal, some of medical nature. Ideally, all of these [...]

Belgrade Pride Submits Bid for EuroPride 2022

Belgrade Pride has officially submitted its bid to host EuroPride 2022.  It delivered a bid book to the European Pride Organisers Association (EPOA) outlining the history of the organisation, a summary of LGBTI+ life in Serbia, Belgrade as a mesmerising tourist destination and, crucially, the key arguments for hosting EuroPride in the Western Balkans. These [...]

Serbia’s PM Throws Support Behind Belgrade’s EuroPride 2022 Bid

Serbia’s Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic, has pledged her full endorsement to Belgrade Pride’s bid to host EuroPride in 2022. In her statement, the Prime Minister said, “the government I lead is committed to ensuring the full respect of human rights of all citizens and we hereby promise to help the Belgrade Pride organising team in [...]

Belgrade Pride Theatre Festival to launch during Pride Week 2019

Belgrade Pride is organizing the first LGBT+ themed theatre festival during Pride Week, which will be held from September  10thto September 14th 2019. Conceived by Belgrade Pride’s member organisation, Heartefact, as an annual event with the aim to raise the visibility of the LGBT+ community, the festival explores the various aspects of the LGBT+ community's [...]

Belgrade Pride Parade on September 15th under the slogan “I’m not giving up”

Belgrade's 2019 "Pride Week" will run from September 9 to September 15 and will end with a walk and parade under the slogan "I'm not giving up," organisers announced. Belgrade Pride representative Marko Mihailović announced at a press conference that the march on September 15 will start at 5 pm from Slavia Circle, and will [...]

First Birthday of the Pride Info Centre

The opening of the exhibition "Love" by artist Martin Stamenković marked one year since the opening of the Pride Info Centre in Belgrade. More than 15,000 people visited during that period, and helped join the fight for the rights of LGBT members who belong to the community. As Pride Centre Coordinator Jovan Ilić told Tanjug, [...]

Belgrade Pride in solidarity with the first Pride in Bialystok

In the city of Bialystok, in the east of Poland, the first Pride Parade was held. Unfortunately, the event did not take place without any incidents. About four thousand right-wingers and hooligans attacked the participants. They threatened the activists, insulted them, and even physically assaulted them. The slogans like "God, honour, homeland!", "Bialystok free of [...]

Why is it important for me to remember the genocide victims in Srebrenica

Today marks the 24th anniversary of genocide in Srebrenica. In the genocide and in the area near Srebrenica, over 8,000 people were systematically killed, whereby people are still looking for thousands of remains. 8372 to be exact… In Potočari 33 people will be buried today. Among them, the youngest victim was just 16 years old. I hear this information [...]

Solidarity with the LGBT+ community in Turkey

Pride parade in Istanbul has been banned the fifth year in a row, and a peaceful gathering on the 30th of June near Taksim square was followed by excessive use of force by the police, firing rubber bullets and tear gas. This kind of behaviour towards the LGBT+ community is part of everyday life in [...]

First LGBTI job fair was held, over 250 jobs offered

Bengaluru – LGBTI job fair, organized for the first time in India, attracted more than 250 people looking for employment with companies such as Intel, Goldman Sachs and Uber.  The event in Bengaluru, in southern part of India, was organized after the Supreme Court of India overruled the 2018 law banning homosexuality, enabling companies to [...]

Mathematician Alan Turing on the new 50 pound note/banknote

The Bank of England chose mathematician Alan Turing, who cracked Nazi codes in World War II, to be the new face of the 50 pound note. Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney said today that Turing was “a giant on whose shoulders so many now stand.” Turing’s work in cracking Nazi’s communication code helped [...]

Our Borka

There are not a lot of intellectuals in Serbia who have uncompromisingly and clearly supported the LGBT+ community in Serbia for such a long time. In that small constellation Borka was always a star. To be of different sexual orientation or gender identity for her was never a question, but deprivation of human rights or [...]

Half century of Stonewall – how have we decided to become proud?

LGBT+ people have always existed. Literature and art are the first evidence of this. Even theology – since same-sex relationships are described in several sacred books of almost all major religions today. Some sacred books, such as the Talmud, testify to the existence of intersex and gender- people. Homoeroticism of ancient Hellas, the Indian Hijra, [...]

First Pride in Novi Sad

First pride in Novi Sad was held on 17th May as the finale of the first pride week in the biggest city of Vojvodina. This date was chosen as it is the International day against homophobia, transphobia and biphobia. Our group of volunteers from the organisation “Da se zna!” got a chance to participate and [...]

3rd IDAHOT tournament at Manjež

The organisation “Da se zna!” organised their traditional humanitarian tournament in playing with balls on the eve of the International day against homophobia and transphobia known as “IDAHOT" (IDAHOBIT). The tournament was held on 19th May at park Manjež while registration fee was 250 rsd or more for every team member. All the money went [...]