Pride Parade Belgrade is an association of citizens established in autumn 2010 with the aim of organizing the Pride Week and Pride March. From 2011 onwards, the Pride Parade Association of Belgrade, better known as Belgrade Pride, has organized hundreds of events within the Pride Week.

Despite the fact that Belgrade Pride experienced four bans during the five attempts of its organization, it opened the largest public space for talking about the life of LGBT people in Serbia: from the media reporting it, through all the institutions of society, to every living room in which Pride is discussed – it influences a large extent.

Since Belgrade had three consecutive Prides that happened without major incidents, we are trying to fight even more strongly for the goals and values that we have relaxed, now that the Pride Parade has become part of the political mainstream.

Each Pride Parade is preceded by the Pride Week, which brings together a large number of artists from Serbia, the region and the rest of the world who will deal with biological sex vs. gender, sexuality, and violence.