Queer Salon

Queer Salon

Queer Salon in the past seven years brings together artists from different spheres who devoted a certain aspect of their creativity to LGBT and the sub-culture of the subculture. In the previous period, the queer salon examined and processed numerous topics, such as the Queer identity, the daily life of the LGBT community in a highly homophobic environment, the emancipation of LGBT narratives in public discourse, and so on. And included various artistic endeavors, from exhibitions and performances to various creative-scientific expressions.

The aim of this year’s salon is to thematize and map queer art production, that is, the problem of defining Queer art as such. The concept of queer art, definition and framework, as well as its boundaries and scope, would be re-examined. Since the concept and the appearance of Queer in theory and practice are of a very broad spectrum and are not subject to a rigorous definition, the space for interpreting an art as a queer is open and unlimited. Even the fragmentary picture of Queer art today (which would be the result of the exhibition) would provide an insight into the experience of Queer identity, politics or discourse by creators and creators, but also by skilled and unskilled audiences. Also, the exhibition would point out that this subjective category of Queer experience is what makes Queer art an a priori definition.

The papers are sent in digital form to [email protected] If the works can not be digitized, photographed or otherwise documented, it is necessary to contact the curator of this year’s salon, Ana Simon, on the above e-mail or telephone +381692616970. Explanations of why you see your work as illustrative for this year’s Queer Salon topic, why and whether you see your art as Queer, should be sent with your biography to that e-mail. Deadline for submission is August 30, 2017.

Selection of works will be performed by this year’s curator of Queer Salon, art historian Ana Simona Zelenović. She completed her basic (2015) and master (2017) studies of History of Art at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. At the basic studies, the focus was mostly on avant-garde – the topic of graduation work was the death of painting in Russian avant-garde, and during the course of the school she held an open lecture on Zenith and presented the same topic at the international conference in Budapest (2016). For her master studies she focused on modern and contemporary art, especially feminist art and performance. The topic of the master’s work was the analysis of the art of Katalin Ladik through the prism of feminist theory and art history. As a member of the Club of Art History Participants, she participated in organizing a regional student conference (Dis) continuity: Literature and Art in Yugoslavia (2016). She is a member of the Green Youth of Serbia, in which she organizes exhibitions, tribunes, lectures and actions in the working group for gender equality (some of such events are LGBTQ + museum, RaznoRodnost exhibition, tribune Feminism in pop culture) and working groups Food systems and animal rights – Federation of European Young Green (FYEG). She talked about the problems of women in Serbia at the summer university of the European Left in Budapest (2017) and participated in the educational summer camp of FYEG on migration (2017). She occasionally writes and translates articles for online magazines – the feminist newspaper Milica and the green magazine Okvir.

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