Map of walks

Draft program of Belgrade Pride 2018

Mon. 10.09.2018.
Opening of the Pride Week 2018

Venue: Gala Hall of Belgrade City Hall, Dragoslava Jovanovića 2

“Purity” – confession about suicide – project by the Da se zna! volunteers

Venue: Pride Info Center, Kralja Milana 20

Community Talks: Online Activism

Venue: Pride Info Center, Kralja Milana 20

Tue. 11.09.2018.
Presenting the work of organizations: Labris: Law on Same Sex Unions

Venue: Media Centre, Terazije 3

Presenting the work of organizations: ERA - LGBTI Equal Rights Association for Western Balkans and Turkey

Venue: Media Centre, Terazije 3

Wikimedia Serbia: Wiki loves Pride: Wikipedia editing marathon

Venue: Pride Info Centre, Kralja Milana 20


  • Responsibility of the state for the protection of human rights of LGBT+ persons
  • Sanctioning violence against LGBT+ persons and the application of Article 54a of the Criminal Code of Serbia (hate crime)
  • Adoption of the Law on Gender Identity
  • Adoption of the Law on Registered Partnerhip
  • Encouraging unbiased and non-sensationalist media reporting about the problems of LGBT+ persons
  • Education system reform, including the removal of discriminatory content from textbooks
  • Adoption of a law that will, in addition to other forms of peer violence and harassment, also recognize and sanction those crimes that were committed because of the sexual orientation and gender identity of the victim.



The Values

  • Antifascism
  • Equality
  • Solidarity
  • Freedom
  • Inclusivity
  • Peace (pacifism)
  • Respect of law

The Principles

  • Readiness for dialogue
  • Non-violent communication
  • Sensitizing the media through openness for cooperation
  • Inclusion of LGBT+ persons in everyday activities of civil society organisations and in the organisation of
    the Belgrade Pride Parade