Why it is important for me to remember the genocide victims in Srebrenica

Today marks the 24th anniversary of genocide in Srebrenica. In the genocide and the area near Srebrenica, over 8,000 people were systematically(sistemski) shot, whereby people are still looking for thousands of remains. 8372 to be exact… In Potočari 33 people will be buried today. Among them, the youngest victim was just 16 years old. I hear this information on the TV and [...]

Solidarity with the LGBT+ community in Turkey

Pride parade in Istanbul has been banned the fifth year in a row, and a peaceful gathering on the 30th of June near Taksim square was followed by excessive use of force by the police, firing rubber bullets and tear gas. This kind of behaviour towards the LGBT+ community is part of everyday life in [...]

Our Borka

There are not a lot of intellectuals in Serbia who have uncompromisingly and clearly supported the LGBT+ community in Serbia for such a long time. In that small constellation Borka was always a star. To be of different sexual orientation or gender identity for her was never a question, but deprivation of human rights or [...]

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